Jungala Radio is a digital community radio station based in Calais Refugee Camp, France. We provide facilitative training for refugees in digital community radio broadcasting. Training focuses on digital and communication skills, story and content development, interview technique, presenting skills, editing and post-production skills.  
The premise of this project is that given the opportunity and access to a digital and social space, a core team of camp residents can develop to a level whereby they have full editorial control over the content they create.

Jungala Radio is a community-led digital radio station, immersive
creative and vocational space that engenders confidence, skills, and a sense of ownership on participants. In this way, the participants become the digital narrators and controllers of their political selves.

We are a digital community that use social media networks, open source software and digital tools that allows refugees to create their own digital thus challenging the dominant narratives of mainstream media. Our content is available through Facebook, twitter, soundcloud, YouTube and here on our website www.jungalaradio.com.

Why is it Needed?
Refugees currently travelling across Europe have limited or no access to media platforms and or digital tools. The voice of refugees is not present in mainstream media reporting. Mainstream media convey refugees in a pejorative manner by using powerful language that helps to shape people’s beliefs about race and ethnicity. A dehumanisation process is occurring across Europe that has a direct effect on the treatment of refugees at a time in which they are seeking protection and at their most vulnerable.

Jungala Radio station was named by an inspiring 12-year-old who resides in the camp. She is learning to use digital tools to broadcast her own digital podcasts. “The jungle is where animals and insects sleep and we are not animals” she remarks. “La” means “No” in Arabic therefore the name Junga-La – Jungle No!