Jungala Radio Podcasts.

Below are the Jungala Radio Podcasts, in order of first release date to last. Abstracts and metadata are also included, to allow users to view the podcast they are most interested in.

Episode #1

New Years In The Jungle

Description: Our first episode gives an insight into how one man experiences the Jungle refugee camp at the beginning of the New Year.

Episode #2

French Officials Come To The ‘Jungle’

Description: A wonderful story by an 8-year-old living in camp. – The Hope Show – Monday in the Jungle saw French officials come to the camp to tell us that around 1500 people’s homes would have to be moved. Hope’s program gives an update on the situation.

Episode #3

A Response To French Officials

Description: The Hope Show – In this episode of The Hope Show, we receive an update from within the camp regarding the planned perimeter clearance. We hear the response to the decision from community leaders who held a meeting on Monday night, as well as the response from some volunteers on the ground.

Episode #4

Hashemis Music Show #1

Description: Hashemi presents live acoustic music from Laura and Timothy. The session was recorded in Hashemis home, a small wooden shelter, in the Calais refugee camp.

Episode #5

Camp Clearance And The Containers

Description: In Tim’s first show he presents an update on the potential perimeter destruction of the Calais refugee camp. Since recording the deadline for the move has been extended to Monday by French officials.

Episode #6

Elves And The Shoemaker

Description – The Star Show presents a reading of Jacob Grimms children’s classic ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. A poor shoemaker and his wife receive a helping hand from some special visitors.

Episode #7

Eviction Show

Description: Star and Adam, hosts of The Star Show and The Adam Show, combine forces for this special show on the news of the upcoming evictions in the Calais refugee camp. The evictions would see half of the camp cleared. The show includes interviews from camp residents and analysis from Star and Adam.

Episode #8

Tear Gas Show

Description: The Adam Show – Adam is on the ground as the evictions begin. During the show she interviews refugees and French volunteers that have been tear-gassed by the French riot police.

Episode #9

Jungle Food

Description: The Star Show- With over 5,000 people living in the Calais camp, what do they eat? In this episode we find out about one of the many restaurants that has opened in the camp, Kabul Cafe. Star also visits the Ashram Kitchen, where food is given to camp residents for free.

Episode #10

World Radio Broadcast Day Broadcast

Description: On World Radio Day, Jungala Radio presents a roundup of some of the different content we have been creating in the Calais camp over the last six weeks.

Episode #11

Eviction Day 4

Description: The Star Show and the Adam Show combine forces again for an up to date account of the 4th day of evictions. Possibilities of communal spaces now in danger of being demolished. A number of refugees and volunteers have now gone on hunger strike to highlight their issues.

Episode #12

Muhammad’s Wordcast Show

Description: Muhammad from Syria knows a lot of words. He learned lots of his English from Western pop culture. He files these words away in an archive in his brain, remembering in detail where he first heard them. On the Wordcast Show he shares his collection with us.

Episode #13

Hunger Strike

Description: This extremely powerful programme sees the Adam Show interviewing 2 of the 8 refugees on hunger strike in the Calais Refugee Camp. As the evictions continue, a group of refugees have sewn their lips together in protest. Also yesterday refugee children handed flowers to the CRS riot police.

Episode #14


Description: A breaking update from Jungala in the Calais camp! Today a fire tore through shops and a mosque that were yet to be demolished. Our reporters Star and Adam bring you the news.

Episode #15

What is it?

Description: The Adam & Star Show work together and go exploring the town of Calais itself. They find some old ruins near a beach and explore them. They investigate…What is It?

Episode #16

Adam’s Poetry Show #2

Description: The Adam Show meets a young Dari poet from Afghanistan, and the two read some of their poems for us.

Episode #17

Save the Oceans!

Description: To celebrate World Oceans Day, Adam and Star head to the Nausicaa sealife centre in Boulogne, and discover colourful fish, sharks, sealions, and penguins for the first time! But the trip isn’t all fun and games, the centre has a worrying message about our warming planet and its effect on our oceans. World Ocean Day is coming up on June the 8th!

Episode #18

Sonia’s Story- In Flight of Home

Description: Can you imagine a butterfly with golden boots? It flees from home, only to get tangled in a barbed-wire fence. Sonia tells us her beautiful story of a butterfly trying to find a place to land and rest.

Episode #19

Jungle Beats

Description: Making Music from Rubbish! In collaboration with The School Bus Project & Refugee Youth Services, a selection of Sudanese Rap, poetry, and percussion from some very talented youths.

Episode #20

Muhammad’s Wordcast Show 2- Inauguration Special!

Description: Muhammad from Syria knows a lot of words. He learnt lots of his English from Western pop culture. He files these words away in an archive in his brain, remembering in detail where he first heard them. On the Wordcast Show he shares his collection with us. This week, an inauguration special.

Episode #21

My Garden

Description: A story about how flowers and romance blossomed in a garden in Afghanistan. Music courtesy of Calais Sessions.

Episode #22

Visit From A Judge

Description: With the possible destruction of half of the ‘Jungle’, the camp receives a visit from the judge that will decide the camps future. Adam reports on the days unfolding events both inside the Calais camp and in Lille.

Episode #23

Life in the ‘Jungle’- Adam’s Poetry Show

Description: In the first of a series of broadcasts, Adam, alongside special guest Alice from the Insha’Allah healing tent perform poems written by themselves. This episodes theme is ‘Life in the ‘Jungle’.

Episode #24

The Calais Sessions

Description: The Star Show presents a documentary following a visit from The Calais Sessions to the ‘Jungle’. Listen to some amazing covers and original tracks while finding out about the work they do.

Episode #25


Description: After crossing the Aegean Sea, from Turkey to Greece, the group of refugees. Jamil was traveling with shared stories about their journeys. When Jamil heard one particular story, he was inspired to write and share it.