We live and create radio in the Calais refugee camp.

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Our picks

26. My Garden

A story about how flowers and romance blossomed in a garden in Afghanistan.

19. Journey

After crossing the Aegean Sea, the group of refugees Jamil was travelling with shared stories about their journeys. This is one of those stories.

18. The Calais Sessions

The Star Show presents a visit from The Calais Sessions to the 'Jungle'. Listen to some amazing music while finding out about the work they do.

14. Muhammad's Wordcast Show

Muhammad from Syria knows a lot of words. He learnt lots of his English from Western pop culture. On the Wordcast Show he shares his collection with us.

Radio producers planning work together.
An immersive, creative and vocational space that builds community, skills and confidence for participants to take beyond Calais.
Providing a platform for narrative ownership in a media space that regularly chooses to exclude the voices of refugees.
Radio producer interviewing judge in a crowd.
“The jungle is where animals and insects sleep and we are not animals”, remarks an inspiring 12-year-old who resides in the camp.
“La” means “No” in Arabic, Junga-La – Jungle No!
Two people working at a computer.
What we do

We are community led digital radio station based in Calais Refugee Camp commonly referred to as “The Jungle”. We provide structured and on-going facilitative training for refugees in digital community radio broadcasting. Training focuses on digital and communication skills, story development, interview techniques, presenting, editing and post-production skills.


Refugees travelling across Europe have limited access to media platforms, digital tools and creative spaces. Voices of refugees have played a minor role in the media reporting around borders, ethnicity and the political and geopolitical push factors which displace people.

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